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Friday, June 18, 2010

From me to you...

If you are looking for good clean fun, KIMI NI TODOKE (Reaching You) is one for you. This anime is created based on a popular shoujo manga with the same title by Karuho Shiina. The manga has won The Best Shoujo Manga Award in 2008. The anime was aired in Japan during Fall 2009 and it is the live-action has also been produced. Though, I am not so sure the casts of the live action.

Plot (8/10)

I would love to rate this anime 9/10, however the basic storyline is a bit predictable: boy meets girl, boy falls for the girl. Even though the basic storyline is very typical, the sincerity and the purity of the story is the sole factor that got me hooked to it. I really can't get over it.

There are parts in this anime that make me shed my tears and there are also parts that really tickle my funny bones. I think it is because the unexpected twist in the plot itself. It's very soothing and relaxing. Not overly dramatic or affected.

Honestly, I believe the plot is kind of slow but once the story progresses, nevertheless it falls smoothly into all the right places.This anime leaves a tingling feeling at the pit of your stomach, or subtle jolt in your heart...

Character (9/10)

This anime is really down-to-earth. The male and female characters are portrayed normal and flawed. However they really complement each other. Kuronuma Sawako a.k.a Sadako is s girl who has self-esteem issue. She is not facially blessed. Her straight dark hair and her pale (almost emaciated) complexion make people always mistake her for the ghost character in a famous movie The Ring and hence her nickname 'Sadako'. Because of that, she finds it difficult to make friends.

Enters Kazehaya Shouta, popular and loved by all. He is very confident, amiable as well as cheerful. The exact opposite of Sawako. Like the saying opposit attracts, both of them really hit it off! In fact, Kazahaya helps Sawako to be confident and he teaches her to be open and receptive.

This is absolutely the classic case of dramatic irony. What I really fond of this anime is when the two of them are clueless with each other's emotion. However, subtly, they reciprocate each other's intention. Kazehaya's constant blushing is so endearing and sweet. The inner-monologue of Sawako makes us understand what Sawako is thinking and feeling. This enable us to empathize her situation.

All in all, I strongly believe that the development of the female protagonist (Sawako) is the forte of this anime. It really reminds me of the famous fairy tale The Ugly Duckling.

Song (10/10)

I really fond of the OP theme of this anime, with the same title of the anime Kimi Ni Todoke, it is sang by Tomofumi Tanizawa. It really complements the mood and the theme of this anime. So soothing and calming. The ED is sang by Chara entitled Kataomoi (Unrequited Love) is totally heart tending and infectious.

Kimi ni Todoke is a beautiful story. One that anyone can watch and find something to enjoy. I strongly believe, any female viewers will probably enjoy this more than males, nevertheless it is possible that male viewers will also fall in love with this anime too, if they give it a try. This anime is pleasant and enjoyable and it comes with high recommendation by me.

-The seiyuu for Sawako is Mamiko Noto, the same person who voiced Ai Enma of Jigoku Shoujo.
-For the live-action, I really hope the production will choose Kanata Hongo for Kazehaya Shouta...

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Anonymous said...

I loved this anime as well :]


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