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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Faded and jaded

Recently, I have feeling rather fatigue. Well, nothing serious actually. I am infected by a Hallyu bug and it spreads to my entire system at an alarming rate, I might say! But,I would not be fretting over this situation because it will not disrupt my perennial interest on anime and that's for sure.

Anyway, recently I have a chance to watch Bleach 3rd movie entitled FADE TO BLACK: I CALL YOUR NAME. Like the title of this movie, it is certainly fading from my memory bit by bit. Somehow, this installment of Bleach movie has failed to satisfy me. Even though, this movie is directed by Noriyuki Abe, the director of another 2 earlier Bleach movies, this movie is not really the movie that I am going to watch again... Sigh.

The first flaw that I would like to point out is the plot and storyline. In my humble opinion it is rather mediocre and loose. but, I have to admit it that the exposition is very intriguing but towards the end it gradually heads south.

Since the character in focus is Kuchiki Rukya, I believe the movie should manipulate the involvement of Kuchiki Byakuya-sama in totality. However, Byakuya's involvement is so minuscule that the history and relationship between the two is not quite highlighted. I acknowledge the significance of Kurosaki Ichigo in this serialization nevertheless, Byakuya should bre the one to deliver the final blow. Ichigo has stolen his thunder....

Other than that, I believe the animation is not as crisp and fluid as the second movie The DiamondDust Rebellion. The fighting sequence as well as the action-packed scenes reeks of mediocrity.

However, not everything is unappealing. The best feature of this movie is definitely the appearance of my favorite seiyuu Aya Hirano. I believe her portrayal of Homura is simply amazing as she epitomizes talent and skill of voice acting.

Aya Hirano-san

[Click to enlarge]

The movie opens when a mysterious reiatsu (spiritual particle) explosion occurs in the center of Seireitei in Soul Society, causing it to be destroyed. At the exact same time, a major change overwhelms Kuchiki Rukya. Apparently, this has left her feeling 'empty' as is she has lost something important inside. Meanwhile in the real world, Urahara Kisuke sends Kurosaki Ichigo accompanied by Kon to Soul Society to investigate the disturbance. Upon reaching Seireitei, Ichigo is suddenly attacked by a group of shinigamis which once were his allies. It seems they do not recognize him as if he is never existed before. After a while Ichigo realises that the shinigamis have no memory of him and Rukya. Now alone and on the run, Ichigo must find the missing Rukia and uncover the cause of the mysterious incident before it's too late....

I won't provide the complete synopsis as the plot is too long. However, to read the synopsis, you can check it HERE.

Overall, in my opinion, this installment of Bleach movie is somewhat lack lustre. Nevertheless, I would like to recommend this movie to fans and non-fans alike. Despite the rough comment that I just gave I still believe there are many fans of this movie out there. I could be bias since my favorite character is Toushiro Hitsugaya taichou ....

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