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Friday, December 25, 2009

Of mages, warlocks and wizards...

Gosh! I've been uber-busy lately! Struggling with exams, classes and the whole nine yards! And being an anime freak as I am, I managed to squeeze in an anime series to watch and due to that finally I managed to post a new entry... Well, in this post I would love to introduce to you a quite recent and on-going anime entitled FAIRY TAIL.

As usual, this anime is an manga adaptation created by Hiro Mashima. The anime is created in 2006 and it's still on till now. However, the anime is realeased in 12 October 2009. Quite recent, huh? So far I have only watched till episode 10. In my humble opinion, I would love to recommend this anime. The plot is fast and the characters are so lively and unique.

This anime revolves around a main male character named Natsu Dragneel who was adopted by a dragon named Igneel. He has a cat friend/pet named Happy. Then, enters Lucy Heartfillia (voiced by the same seiyu of Suzumiya Haruhi, Aya Hirano) as the main female character. Later on, we are introduced to a guild of mages and wizards called Fairy Tail. As the plot progresses, we will be introduced to Gray Fullbuster (Natsu's rival) and super-wizard, Erza Scarlet.

I'm a minor, and yet I have a tattoo!!!

Overall, I believe that this series has a bright future ahead. It's hilarious and packed with action and adventure. The portrayal of the characters is solid. The plot progresses rather fast and so far I haven't encountered any episode that is dragged and boring... Interested? Try this LINK to download... Have a go!

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