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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Uniform revelations...

Ever notice something? By and large, main characters in animes series are mostly students, and to be exact, school students. This hackneyed portrayal is actually intentional since the target audience are mostly adolescents and young adults. These characters are displayed in variety fashions of school uniforms. Animes series such as, Bleach, Deathnote, Gokusen, The Law of Ueki, and Blood+ portray school students as their protagonists.

On the other hand, animes like, Kamichu, K-ON, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, and Ouran High School Host Club have different intention. These animes are promoting some sort of cuteness-fetish known as moe (mo-eh). To add, moe doesn't exhibit sexual content. It is actually highlighting on a character's cuteness, extreme cuteness to be exact. However, too much exertion on cuteness sometimes can lead to lewd content, or ecchi. To some extent it may lead to more than that...

Anyway, in this post I am not going to discuss on that matter. I just want to show everybody the multitude of fashions and styles in anime school uniforms.

This is the uniform in SUZUMIYA HARUHI NO YUUTSU... I really like the male uniform. Kyon and Koizumi look dashing in it! Whereas the girls' are a bit 'traditional in their sailor-fuku uniform. Maybe if the male students are to wear gakuran, then everything would be nicer. Somehow, the male student's uniform and the girl's don't really match...

This is taken from OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB. Their uniform basically oozes with sophistication and grace. This is because they are from a top-notched school. Since the main characters are mostly male, so the series reveals more on the male students uniform. And since the theme of this anime series is gender-bender, thus Haruhi (Fujioka, that is) wears one. (Well, actually female uniform is actually a Victorian-styled yellow dress with a pair of puffy sleeves.)

This is taken from anime K-ON!. Their uniform exudes elegance as well as charm at the same time. Since this is an all-girl school, thus there is no male uniform. If you notice, among the four of them, only Yui wears her uniform with a pair of dark tights underneath. I think she looks so adorable in them...

This is taken from GAKUAN ALICE. The uniforms are a bit juvenile and this is because these characters are actually elementary-school students. I really like the combination of the dark sailor-coat with wide collars as well the plaid skirt / shorts. The combination brings out the endearing side of each character. Even Natsume looks extremely cute in it despite his riotous temperament.

This the uniform from anime CODE GEASS. Since the series is set in an alternate fantasy world hence the uniforms have the fantasy feel. Anyway, they still look elegant and neat. However, I don't think they are comfortable enough.... I believe wearing a double-breasted blazer is definitely uncomfortable during lessons.

This is taken from ITAZURA NA KISS. I like both of female and male uniforms style. This is because the style complement each other. Both are modern, nifty as well as sharp. I think, this is important because it represents the individuals. For example, even a bumbling idiot like Kotoko looks smart in the uniform! This is certainly the best example of clothes maketh the man (or in this case, it's a woman!).

This screenshot is taken from anime LOVELY COMPLEX. In my opinion, the uniform looks simple and light. Instead of wearing blazer or button-down coat, they use cardigans or sweaters. Maybe it is to complement the whole theme of this romantic-comedy anime series. In this series we can see that the uniform is styled according to the individual's taste in fashion.

Well, actually there are so many anime uniforms that I like to show in this post. Frankly speaking the number is endless! Till then, we just have to settle with these...


Monkey D Luffy said...

kalau ler kat malaysia cam tu gak


Kikuri-sama said...

Aku rasa kalu kat sini camni, mau juling mata aku. Hari2 kene bangun kul 3 pagi sebab kene make-up bebyk. Mesti kene kalah kan students yg ter-over kawaii!


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