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Friday, June 19, 2009

Moe, moe kyun!

During my free time, usually, I like to surf the net and read other anime blogs for some insights and suggestions on what anime should I watch. Recently, I came across an anime entitled K-ON! I noticed that there are several ani-blogs that are avidly writing reviews on this anime.

Somehow, that got me rather curious. Then, I went to realityLapse.com [click HERE] and I noticed that there is an anime of that title under 'K' category. I click the link and I started downloading first two of the series. At the beginning, I only watched the two episodes, just to test the water. Well... after I finished it, I believe the anime is worth watching. However, imho, I don't think it is THAT addictive. It doesn't fall under must-watch category. But then again, I might be wrong. Maybe I need to watch more episodes before I jump into any conclusion.

Initially, I wondered what K-ON really means. After watching the first episode I learned that K-ON is actually an abbreviated form of a Japanese word keiongaku which means light music. BTW, this anime is about 4 girls in a light music club. Since they are in the club they decided to establish a band.

These are the screen shots taken from Episode 1....

This is Yui. She is ditsy and clumsy... but she is so incredibly kawaii!

Nodaka-chan is surprised because after two weeks in school Yui is still undecided on which club to join...

This is Mio the basist. She is so kawaii... and very talented too... And I think she has issue with... almost everything. A weird character, I reckon.

Ritsu (or Ricchan, according to Yui) the drummer... The most boisterous among the lot.

And this is Tsumugi or Mugi the keyboard player... She is the 'princess' of the band...

Hanging out...

Finally Yui decided to join the band... even though she doesn't really know how to play a guitar...

The anime is so kawaii and it's loaded with moe characters....

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