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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blood-C: The firsty...

When a friend told me about BLOOD-C, I was so ecstatic. Knowing that this is the Blood franchise I expect that the series will be great... and my expectation is justified! I love it to the very core! But I can't help but to compare this series with its predecessors, Blood: The Last Vampire, and Blood+.

Blood-C is created by CLAMP and honestly speaking I am no fan of any CLAMP anime series (Code Geass, TheTsubasa Chronicles, Xxxholic, etc.). However, since I am the fan of Blood franchise I manage to suppress that emotion.

Between Saya (Blood), Otonashi Saya (Blood+) and Kisaragi Saya (Blood-C), I believe Kisaragi Saya is the most interesting character. She is spunky, cheerful and clumsy. Nevertheless, when she is in the 'zone' she is skillful, ruthless and cold blooded swordfighter. Her alter-ego is the hunter of the Elder Bairns a.k.a Furukimono. Unlike the other Sayas who seem to be overly serious and cold.

In this series the antagonist is know as the Elder Bairns or Furukimono and it seems they view human being as their food source and nothing more. Hence as the hunter of these creatures, Saya has to make sure to stop these creatures from thriving. While fighting these creatures, they keep on mentioning about a 'covenant' and how humans should honour the 'covenant'.

The casts

This anime is definitely not a child material. This anime is gory and bloody (hence the title). The images of human being devoured alive and heads decapitated are not really the image that you should show to any children. The make it even worse, the clarity of the graphics makes the images even life-like.


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